Bar - City with the coolest name

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Montenegro - a magical combination of the sea and mountains, will offer to you an extraordinary opportunity to wake up in a wooden cottage covered with snowy whiteness, and immerse yourself in a dream in one of the magical towns on the Adriatic coast, intoxicated by the smell of the sea..

Tour of the country that is known for its beauties of untouched nature can start in its capital city- Podgorica, and from there passersby and acquaintances will direct you to some of the most recognizable destinations- Kotor and Cetinje, if you wish to find out something more about the history of Montenegro, or to Budva, Montenegrin capital town of the luxury and entertainment.


Each of the towns on the Montenegrin coast carries symbols of those who have either visited or had been ruled – Ottomans, Venetians, Austro-Hungarians, and each of them tells an interesting and authentic story. In a tour of the pearl of the Adriatic coast you shouldn’t certainly traverse one of them, known as the one that it is quite undervalued – Bar.


From the capital city of Montenegro, Podgorica, to Bar definitely could be reached by bus or train, but far more interesting and pleasant atmosphere will give you travelling by car. Renting a car will give you an opportunity to slowly familiarize yourself with the beautiful landscape of Lake Skadar, the largest lake in the Balkan Peninsula and to enjoy all historical sites you will encounter on the way to a town that once bore the name Antivari.


Lake Skadar is a home of some of the most important cultural symbols of Montenegro, such as the ancient capital of the state Žabljak Crnojevića, fortresses Besac and Lesendro and settlement Virpazar, a vibrant place where you can make a break and taste the specialties of national cuisine. Virpazar is host to numerous events and festivals, ranging from traditional ones –  Days of carp, to Days of humor and Fest Besac, a cultural manifestation that brings together musicians, architects, filmmakers and etc.


From Virpazar to Bar, spacious harbor town on the Adriatic coast, surrounded by mountains – Rumija, Lisinja and Sutorman, will take you half an hour away driving by car. Each mountain is a story for itself. On the rocky mountain Rumija was built Old Bar, but it is also a home to the Old olive, that has celebrated its 2000th birthday. Docile Sutorman is a perfect resort for those who prefer to spend their time in nature, but also an excellent viewpoint from which is visible the entire city.


City traffic in Bar is not favorable to tourists, but roads are passable and by car you can reach the wonderful locations. You should ask around the local residents how to get to the Old Town, Old olive, beach Murići on the shores of Lake Skadar, chestnut forests or famous meadows on Sutorman.


In the summer Bar will impress you with its crowded city beaches, and if you more prefer to enjoy the loneliness on the road between Bar and Sutomore you can found a large number of small, hidden beaches. The city is also a host to festivals Bar's chronicle, that through the more than two months organizes a large number of musical, literary, theater programs both in the city center and the fortress in Old Bar. In the winter this harbor city will astonish you with its long promenade and pleasant climate with very few rainy days.